VERONIQUE AGI is one of the first French sounding rockets. Download the 35 STL files of this printable 1/48th scale model. Height 19 cm.




On March 10 and 12, 1959, from the Hammaguir firing range in Algeria, two Véronique sounding rockets made a spectacular foray into space. France entered the space age…

Model V16
March 12, 1959 , emission of a cloud of sodium at 120 km altitude

One of the first French sounding rockets

1:48 scale model
19 cm high with launch pad

Model designed for 100% FDM printing
The resin version of the launch pad is included with this model.
A decal is also offered with the model, ready to be printed according to method :

Visit the ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION page for more information on this model.

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