Here’s a step-by-step method I use to make my own decals.

What you need:

Some waterslide decal transfert papers suitable for your printer (inkjet or laser) :


There are two types of transfer sheets: transparent and white.
White sheets are chosen if the decal is to include white parts and the substrate is dark or not white. On the other hand, the subject must be cut out very neatly.

Transparent sheets are particularly suitable if the substrate is white, or if there is no white in the design to be printed.

You will also need :

A little white vinegar and clear varnish, matt or glossy as required :

Before making the decal, do a test print on a standard sheet of paper to check the scale. On the models where I offer a decal sheet, the print must be made on a full-scale A4 sheet, with no margins :

Once the scale has been checked, print on a transfer sheet, choosing the bright color option on the printer. Cut out the part of the sheet that will be used :

Leave to dry for a while, then apply a coat of varnish to the printed sheet. Leave to dry for a second time :

Now you can cut out the exact shape of the decal, and soak it in a little water:

Apply a little white vinegar to the part that will receive the decal, to improve the pattern’s adhesion.

Once the decal has detached from its paper, you can transfer the pattern to the plastic part :

Allow to dry completely. Another coat of varnish can be applied to perfect the hold :


If the substrate is dark and you don’t have white waterslide, here’s what to do :


The decal outline will be printed in the same color as the part. White paint will be applied where the decal is to be affixed.

After drying and transfer, the lighter colors (in this case white, blue and red) will stand out properly :


  1. James S. Gott January 10, 2024 at 2:43 pm - Reply

    Thanks for this Do-it-yourself decal-making method, I’m currently getting the supplies to do decals myself. Would you make available the logos and emblems for your scaled rockets?

    • theamphioxus January 10, 2024 at 4:19 pm - Reply

      Hello James,
      Yes, this is one of the tasks I plan to do for all my models.
      Emmanuel ROBIN – CHRONIC3D

  2. derek ward January 24, 2024 at 3:02 pm - Reply

    I second that request – I would prefer to use your own decals to anything I can come up with…

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