The V2, or A4, is a ballistic missile. Download the 19 STL files of this printable 1/60th scale model. height 26 cm.


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The V2 (from the German Vergeltungswaffe 2: “weapon of retaliation”), Aggregat 4 or A4, is a ballistic missile developed by Nazi Germany during the Second World War and launched in several thousand units in 1944 and 1945 against civilian populations, mainly in the UK and Belgium.

This 13-ton rocket could carry an 800 kg explosive charge 300 kilometers. It was the first large rocket ever built, and the technologies developed during its design, such as high-power liquid propellant propulsion and precision gyroscopes, would later revolutionize the field. In fact, the V2 was directly responsible for the intercontinental ballistic missiles that would later carry nuclear weapons, and for the launchers that ushered in the space age in the late 1950s.

The version shown here is a non-detailed 1/60 scale model, in standard 1945 camouflage

Fully printable with a filament printer. 3 filament colors are required: dark gray, green and red.
The model can be printed unsupported and measures 26 cm when finished, with 19 parts.

Visit the ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION page for more information on this model.

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