ARIANE 6 is the latest ESA launcher. 1/60th scale model. 230 parts, height 114 cm with Decals




Ariane 6 is a medium-to-high-power launcher (5 to 11.5 tons in geostationary transfer orbit), being developed by the European Space Agency to replace its Ariane 5 heavy rocket. The first launch of this launcher is scheduled for summer 2024.

Here’s a 1/60th scale model printable with an FDM printer.

In this pack, there’s the ARIANE 6 launcher, the Launch Table and the Service mast.
Up to 230 parts to be printed simply and without any support. Height 114cm.

For a more realistic look, I’m also offering a printable board to add the logos associated with this launcher.
You’ll find on the links below :
Assembly instructions : Download
How to print the decals : Decals method

All parts are printable on a volume of 200x200x200 mm, and with a 0.4 mm nozzle.

Happy printing !

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