Multi-color printing with a 3d printer doesn’t always give the desired results. Here, as a demonstration, you’ll find a video sharing the approaches I use to get around the problems I encounter.

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  1. derek ward March 28, 2024 at 9:08 pm - Reply

    Even though I have AMS systems on both my Bambu X1C and A1 I usually print all my objects as single color. It gives me more opportunity to finish them up to the level of detail I happy with. That includes adding filler to eliminate seams between parts and what not. I suppose I will try multicolor at the smaller scales but given everything I current print is 1/20th (or 1/6th in the case of the surveyor model in print) I believe I will stick with single color for now to allow the best possible finish.

    I DO wish Bambu would come out with a larger printer – I would buy that on first day of availability. I have an old CR-10S I am considering improving to one meter by one meter with open source software and parts in the meantime. It just won’t have the speed of the newer printers and will require manual levels (not touch sensor installed although I guess I could do that in the upgrade)

    I would rather donate that printer and just go with a super sized Bambu though…

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