• 3D modeling

    Here you will find all types of 3D modeling services for your animation or documentary illustrations.

  • Modeling 3D printed models

    Find here any type of 3D printable modeling project. For both filament and resin printers, the files offered will be guaranteed printable. The commission will be determined after the complete assessment of your projet, in terms of level of detail, scale, number of pieces, type of printing and copyright.

  • Modeling technical parts

    Do you want to reproduce or create a piece, decorative or technical? Find in this section available parts in addition to the one you want to create.

  • Print on demand

    Find here a tailor-made printing service for all types of parts. All-material filament printing methods and resin printing are available.

  • Printing assistance

    3D printing is not always a success. Find here all the help to carry out your printing project.

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