I would like to share with you the work of this association, which shares my values :



WEBSITE : AstrObjectif

Presentation of AstrObjectif

AstrObjectif is an association under the French law of 1901, founded in 2021 to bring together enthusiasts of astronomy, nature, Space and scientific mediation. Based in Sana, south-west of Toulouse, France the Association benefits from a Commingeois sky still relatively untouched by light pollution.

The Association runs a variety of projects linked to astronomy, photography and related fields. In particular, it specializes in astrophotography and the creation of 3D-printed educational models.

AstrObjectif supports its members at every stage of their projects, from preparation to completion. It provides the human and material resources needed to ensure that projects run smoothly, raises funds where necessary and communicates about them.
In addition, AstrObjectif organizes and participates in events and exhibitions to share the work carried out with the general public, and to promote it as part of a scientific and cultural mediation approach.

The Association is open to all, and encourages synergies between people of all backgrounds to pass on knowledge and know-how, and develop projects together that may have long remained a dream!

The aims of the Association are :
– Provide members with the means to carry out various astronomy-related projects;
– Work to reduce light pollution;
– Raise awareness of astronomy-related issues and challenges;
– Organize and participate in all types of astronomy events;
– Support beginners in astronomy;
– Enhance the value of each member’s knowledge and skills;
– Exchange with any public or private player likely to enhance or contribute to our projects, or to integrate the Association into the world of astronomy.

AstrObjectif carries out a variety of activities:
– Astrophotography and photography of the sky and nature;
– Model-making (3D printing, Lego® models) and other scientific media;
– Educational workshops and astro training courses;
– Exhibitions of members’ work;
– Participation in astronomical events;
– Any other astronomical projects proposed by members if feasible!


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