The Bugatti Type 35B is a French sports car of the 1920s. Download the 250 STL files for this BUGATTI T35B 1/12th scale model. For resin printer. 30 cm long, 14 cm wide.




The Bugatti Type 35 “Grand Prix” is a sports car from the second half of the 1920s, developed by the French carmaker Bugatti. With an unrivalled record of more than two thousand competition wins, including five consecutive Targa Florio victories, it is not only the most famous Bugatti, but also one of the most influential cars in automotive history. The birth of the Bugatti “Pur-sang” myth dates from this period.

Here you’ll find all 250 parts designed to be printed in resin with an incredible level of detail. You’re free to choose your version and level of finish.
This model is reserved for amateur and experienced model makers.
The proposed scale is 1/12th, but it is always possible to change the scale during printing. However, the bodywork elements are thin, of the order of 0.65 mm at 1/12th scale.

Visit the ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION page for more information on this model.

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